Manufacturing Industry ERP

The Manufacturing module provides everything you need to plan, control and follow up on your production.

  • Established formula management system
  • Reliable lot and tracking solution
  • Effective batch sizing and scaling
  • Intelligent Bill of Materials formula calculations
  • Trusted Globally Harmonized System compliance capability
  • Inventory management and report
  • Support for CGMP and other compliance regulation
  • Quality document management portal


GSK Technology ERP System tackles your mission-critical business functions (manufacturing, quality, inventory, financials, and sales), while linking all of your information through integrated business intelligence functionality. Gain total visibility – in real time – to all your information so you can run more efficiently and grow more profitable.

The market of fashion and trends is ever-changing. ERP System understands the competitive nature of the cosmetic manufacturing industry and with the help of ERP System Premier ERP Solution, your business will have all the tools it needs to succeed. ERP System offers extensive options to fulfill these accelerated demands,