Infrastructure Management

GSK Technology provides an end-to-end IT infrastructure management service to help you build a future-proof technological solution for your business.

The importance of your the data of your company and the technology infrastructure that receives, sends, captures, stores and retrieves that data would be difficult to over-emphasize. Even momentary downtime can have a significant impact on your operations, your service, and your reputation.

However, to monitor and stay abreast of all tech applications deployed in your organization would require a disproportionate amount of time and resources than most companies can spare. At GSK Technology, we simplify this process by providing dedicated account support and deploying technology with the core purpose of managing the organizational tasks, not because the technology is the latest.

We provide a full range of IT infrastructure solutions designed around a central objective – enabling you to keep doing what you do best – knowing that your technology systems are operating at peak efficiency.    There are seven major components that must be coordinated to provide the firm with a coherent IT infrastructure, as shown in the diagram above.

We customize our solutions to suit your requirements and unique environment. Our implementation steps include:

  • Develop, integrate, stress test, and fine tune complex information technology solutions. This now includes testing services for Storage Solution Performance Testing and Storage Solution Proof of Concept.
  • Analyze your systems, networks, and applications to pinpoint performance enhancements needed to improve user satisfaction. In addition, by modeling your unique IT environment, these services help plan for future capacity to confidently pursue new business strategies and invest in new technologies.
  • Rapidly deploy new networks or enhance existing networks to support your key business initiatives. With this service, you can focus on achieving your business objectives without having to worry about the supporting networking infrastructure.
  • Integrate and converge your voice, video and data with network consulting and integration services
  • Overcome the challenges of managing enterprise information systems and providing high quality IT service delivery with Systems Management Consulting and Design services

Servers & Storage

The digital future won’t wait – enter the modern enterprise with high availability, efficiency and scalability.

GSK Technology provides a full range of server- and storage-related services, from complete managed server administration to the installation of routine updates and patches. Our cost-effective solutions for Hitachi Unified Compute Platform and Content Platform support that transition on your terms – no matter where you are in your journey.

We will review, select and procure a new server and related equipment for your organization based on our knowledge and experience, and combined with professional affiliation with world-class vendors such as Hitachi Data Systems.

Look to us for server and storage services including:

IT architecture design, selection, procurement, installation and configuration  Virtualization  Storage Area Networks (SANs) and Network Attached Storage (NAS)  System redundancy  OS installation and upgrades  Performance optimization  Firewall configuration  Monitoring and alerts  Anti-malware solutions

Backup Solutions

Data is a critical element in any business/in our daily life. We use data everyday not only for a wide range of business functions but for our personal too. Data loss is one of the most crippling events. Crashes and outages are bound to happen – there’s no way of avoiding them, but you can be prepared.

Technology has evolved rapidly, instead of buying an expensive server, you can also set your company server on cloud system. A cloud system is a place where information is backed up and protected in a safe online storage environment. Many admitted that saving time and cost with online data backup solution was the biggest argument.  There are some backup solutions you will only pay for what you use.

A very common mistake business make, having your data being backed up in an external hard drive. This type of backup isn’t very safe as you won’t have time to back up your hard drive every day, and it is hard to say if the hard drive has successfully backed up everything. A dedicated backup solution is still a safer choice.

If you’re going to invest in a backup solution, it’s worth it take the time and ask the right questions to ensure that the provider you choose is going to likewise be invested in your success. Contact us at GSK Technology to assist you on the questions that you must ask and thoroughly consider before deciding on your organisation’s backup solution. We offer a FREE consultation to help you understand more about how a backup solution works. Our IT experts can give you a visit, free of charge.